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Expat Coach is a unique career placement agency that provides comprehensive assistance for both students and professionals wishing to relocate to Australia, offering a wide range of services to ensure your journey from start to finish is not only successful — but also enjoyable!

Each personalised coaching service is tailored to maximise your unique skill set and prepare you for the Australian lifestyle, with step-by-step ongoing advice provided along with your journey.

We are intimately familiar with all procedures and internal protocols within the various human resources departments and are partnered with the leading clients and industries. 

In addition, Expat Coach assist clients entering the professional employment market, assessing their qualifications against market opportunities to best match their career goals and objectives.

Expat Coach can offer you almost 25 years of global experience and has successfully relocated hundreds of clients for both temporary and permanent transitions. 

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How it works?

Moving to a diferente country is not as simple as you might think, but it certainly can be less stressful. Expat Coach offers complete relocations packages since the identification of your professional background, recognition of skills in Australia and partnership with migration agents to obtain your visa successfully. We also offer a cultural coaching program to ensure you and your family will adapt faster in the country, finding a house to rent and school for the children. All our services are tailored made to suit your needs so you can get placed in the market-force as soon as possible.


About Us

Expat Coach specialises in the relocations process, but more than that, our services are specialised according to your needs. Our aim is to ensure that you reach your goals and for this reason we have a modern and flexible leadership approach focusing on the final result, which is your success.

Sobre Nós

A Expat Coach é especializada no processo de relocations, mas mais do que isso, nossos Serviços são especializados de acordo com suas necessidades. Nossa missão é garantir que você alcance seus objetivos e por esta razão que temos uma abordagem de liderança moderna e flexível, com foco no resultado final, que é o seu sucesso.

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