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We are Expat Coach

Expat Coach is a company specialising in customised individual consultancy and business advice, providing professional and personal results by developing tailored coaching techniques and programs mindful of organisational and family dimensions. 

Our principal and primary focus is always on our client, empowering them to achieve, fulfil and ideally exceed their goals. Each client is provided with the services to excel both within a business, and personally with Expat Coach’s proven training and coaching techniques. 

Our customised and specialised services are designed to meet the needs of our clients by offering:

  • Career Coaching (from one session to the most comprehensive package of 10 sessions)
  • Head Hunting Services
  • Life & Professional Coaching
  • Career Recognition
  • Australian Awareness Programs

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To empower people to achieve their greatest potential through providing specialised results-oriented services — that are each performed and delivered to the highest level of quality and excellence.


To promote and assist our clients in the development of new skill sets, as well as the honing and refinement of positive emotional and behavioural outlooks. 


  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Diversity
  • Competence
  • Dedication
  • Performance

Who We Are

 Daniela Piedemonte de Lima is the founder of Expat Coach and an experienced Human Resources professional with over 25 years’ experience providing human resources specialist services within large multi-national organisations. She has also had over ten years’ experience leading global mobility teams in both Australia and Brazil, and is a pioneer in cultural coaching, cross-cultural training and global mobility, with extensive experience in coaching teams in small, medium and large organisations.

Daniela has mobilised and recruited over 1,500 employees and their families from various countries and also worked for the Department of Immigration in Australia within both the private and public sectors. 

Having personally experienced working as an expatriate, Daniela understands the processes involved in ensuring a smooth transition and adaptation to living overseas.

“I have 25 years of experience in Human Resources, 17 of them in Australia. In Australia I helped pioneer the global mobility service market, working with multinationals such as Amec Minproc (Vale Project), Chevron and Unisys. My extensive background is specialised in human resources and showcases that I am an expert in my field, and alone I have recruited over 1,500 people worldwide.

My service is unique as I have personally experienced the often-convoluted processes and struggles of expatriation, repatriation and cultural adaptation, tasting the great highs and the equally great frustrations. Often job seekers cannot understand the new local market, or do not seek a professional to assist them so they fail and give up. With me there is no failing – you will always get results and this I can guarantee with a passion.

I have advised more than 1,500 families in the process of moving to Australia and am intimately familiar with the processes of preparing them to find a job and what it takes to eliminate the time of the job searches.

Our work together begins while you are still in your home country, as we work together to discuss your goals, and create a step-by-step success plan for your move to Australia. Once you are here, I follow up constantly and provide career coaching and head hunting services dedicated to helping you enter the marketplace as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

Finding that first job is always challenging – but it is not impossible! I have successfully helped many people who are new to the local market as I provide a large network of established contacts, and assist with positively engaging the specifics of the Australian market. I manage all necessary networking and harmonise the client’s transition into their new lifestyle, as well as providing powerful tools for career placement and the procurement of work visas. Assistance is also provided with interview preparation, including role playing and assembling a curriculum vitae in accordance with Australian recruitment standards.

Above and beyond these most basic of services, I also offer psychological and personal support during the entire process, so that each individual feels they are part of a team that is bound for success. Put simply, Expat Coach is a unique and specialised service.”


Bachelor of Psychology – Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas

Masters in Human Resource Management – Faculdades Brasileiras de Recursos Humanos

International Certificate in Personal & Professional Coaching – Brazilian Society of Coaching

Certificate in Career Coaching – Brazilian Society of Coaching

International Certificate of Systemic Constellation and Life – Metaforum International

International Certificate of Organisational Constellations – Metaforum International

International Projects

Projeto de Implantação de RH e Global Mobility – Expatriada para trabalhar na Vale – Belo Horizonte

Projeto de Desenvolvimento e Treinamento de RH e Recrutamento – Consultora na ANP (Autoriade Nacional de Petroleo no Timor Leste

HR and Global Mobility Implementation Project – Expatriate Position at Vale – Belo Horizonte (FIFO position)

Desigining and Training Program of a HR and Recruitmet – Consulant for ANP, East Timor

About Us

Expat Coach specialises in the relocations process, but more than that, our services are specialised according to your needs. Our aim is to ensure that you reach your goals and for this reason we have a modern and flexible leadership approach focusing on the final result, which is your success.

Sobre Nós

A Expat Coach é especializada no processo de relocations, mas mais do que isso, nossos Serviços são especializados de acordo com suas necessidades. Nossa missão é garantir que você alcance seus objetivos e por esta razão que temos uma abordagem de liderança moderna e flexível, com foco no resultado final, que é o seu sucesso.

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