Career Coaching

Expat Coach is specialised in Career Development with over 25 years’ of combined global experience.

Head Hunting Services

This three month package is the most comprehensive service offered for those ready to find work in Australia, and provides you with a full service program with weekly direct access to the Expat Coach services.

Life & Professional Coaching

Personal and Professional Coaching, also known as Life Coaching, employs scientifically tested and validated methodologies to transform your life.

Career Recognition

Expat Coach assists with the transfer of your existing qualifications to Australian standards.

Australian Awareness Programs

We use the techniques of Cultural Coaching to assist our expatriate client’s and their families to transition comfortably to their new workplace and country.



Realising the dream of living in Australia is an unforgettable experience. The challenges, however, related to changing country and adapting to a new culture can be stressful, often impacting a person’s internal balance, their attitudes and their decisions.

About Us

Expat Coach specialises in the relocations process, but more than that, our services are specialised according to your needs. Our aim is to ensure that you reach your goals and for this reason we have a modern and flexible leadership approach focusing on the final result, which is your success.

Sobre Nós

A Expat Coach é especializada no processo de relocations, mas mais do que isso, nossos Serviços são especializados de acordo com suas necessidades. Nossa missão é garantir que você alcance seus objetivos e por esta razão que temos uma abordagem de liderança moderna e flexível, com foco no resultado final, que é o seu sucesso.

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