Australian Awareness Programs

We use the techniques of Cultural Coaching to assist our expatriate client’s and their families to transition comfortably to their new workplace and country.

We offer a comprehensive strategic approach to work with organisations so as to meet their diversity and cultural competency goals.

We offer cross-cultural awareness training for professionals and individuals designed to ease their transition and adaptation to the new country of work.

Intercultural programs aid both employers and employees in acquiring those intercultural skills necessary to lessen and overcome challenges posed by cultural differences.

Intercultural training is essential, and these sessions are conducted by our highly competent team, who have a wealth and depth of both professional and cultural experience in both countries.

Expat Coach can provide these services for your company and employees to soften culture shock, helping the expatriate and their families adapt as quickly and as fluidly as possible to their new cultural realities while enjoying the fruits of more rapid social inclusion.


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About Us

Expat Coach specialises in the relocations process, but more than that, our services are specialised according to your needs. Our aim is to ensure that you reach your goals and for this reason we have a modern and flexible leadership approach focusing on the final result, which is your success.

Sobre Nós

A Expat Coach é especializada no processo de relocations, mas mais do que isso, nossos Serviços são especializados de acordo com suas necessidades. Nossa missão é garantir que você alcance seus objetivos e por esta razão que temos uma abordagem de liderança moderna e flexível, com foco no resultado final, que é o seu sucesso.

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