We are all from various nations but have made this place our home

and I want to help you feel as if

you belong here


is to help expats and immigrants succeed in their new lives abroad through personalised coaching and support. I strive to create a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals can connect, share their experiences, and find the resources they need to thrive in their new home. As a trusted expat and immigrant coaching resource, I am committed to helping my clients create meaningful and fulfilling lives abroad, and to being a go-to resource for anyone looking to make the most of their expat or immigrant journey.


I believe in empowering individuals to thrive in their new environments and create fulfilling lives abroad. Expat coaching services provide support, guidance, and resources to help clients navigate the challenges of living abroad and make the most of their international experiences.


Founder of

My vision

is to create a world where expats and immigrants feel confident, supported, and empowered to thrive in their new lives abroad.
I envision a community where individuals from all walks of life can connect, share their experiences, and find the resources they need to create fulfilling and meaningful lives in their new homes. 
I believe that with the right support and guidance, anyone can overcome the challenges of living abroad and create a life they love.

Professional field

  • 24 years of experience in coaching, counselling, mentoring and facilitating personal and professional growth
  • 5 years of experience in recruitment and personnel management
  • Business owner since 2013
  • Australian Business owner since 2015
  • 3 years in a Business Start-Up Program (Wyndham city council VIC) as a participant (2016), speaker (2017), mentor (2018)
  • The finalist of the 2017 Wyndham Business Award, VIC

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation (ICF) 
  • Certified Professional Coach, Erickson Coaching International
  • Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW)
  • Master’s Degree in Psychology (MPsych)
  • Member of Australian Psychological Society (APS)
  • Member of International Coaching Federation (ICF)

  • Mental Health First Aid certificate
  • Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  • First Aid & CPR certificate
  • Nation police check certificate
  • Working with children card VIC, QLD

  • Raise Foundation Volunteer Youth Mentor
  • Volunteer Leader Event Coordinator for International Coaching Federation (ICF) Australasia QLD 

Personal life

  • Two immigrations via husband’s working visas from Russia (2007) to South Korea (2014) to Melbourne, Australia and in 2021 to Brisbane
  • IT-savvy hubby
  • An experienced mother of two teenage and one toddler boys
  • Native in Russian, fluent in English and started to forget Korean language
  • Passion for Business development, Leather craft and workshop facilitation

My strengths





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